Your First Year In Code

Published on 22 Jul 2019 11:24AM

With my extreme surprise, but also extreme happiness, I published a book! I say surprise because I didn’t plan to but heard about the awesome Isaac Lyman and his idea of writing a guide book for new and aspiring developers, not too techincal but instead full of advices and knowledge that is geared towards those who are approaching the profession, or recently started it. The main goal of Isaac’s idea was to write a book that would teach you a few non technical things that we learnt in our first 1-2 years as developers and we truly wished we knew from the beginning instead. Sort of jumpstarting your career.

Therefore I joined other 14 developers from all around the world and we wrote Your First Year In Code. I specifically wrote about history and how to not focus too much on the tools or coding in the “right” way but instead focus on learning and experimenting, while learning the tools that suits you the best alongside. It was a great fun and I admit much easier than I thought. The chapter came out in a burst of inspiration in a late afternoon, as often happens to me. Editing took the longest but as I said, it was great fun.

The other chapters will help new developers in understanding better what the role involves, what developers do, how to write and update your resume, how to look and negotiate for a job, how to study and solve problems and much, truly much more.

If you’re interested, the book is on sale (with a free offer) on LeanPub and Sitepoint. If you prefer a physical copy (I would too), you can check for availability on IndieBound or Barnes&Noble or Target.