When Is My Team Playing?

Published on 29 Sep 2019 04:34PM

As a football fan, I’m always on the lookout for informations about my favourite teams. I have more than one so the search is not immediate. Most of the time, using multiple websites, I have to click multiple times to see the league standings' and where is my team is at the moment. Worse, a lot of sport newspapers on the internet don’t immediately give you info about the next match of your team, nor you are sure if the time given is accurate to your timezone. Uk media will obviously give times in the Greenwich time while German in Berlin time and so on. It’s is not then immediate to have a simple and clear overview of what are the next matches and what is the league situation of a given team.

Therefore, having had enough of searching, I created this project: When Is My Team Playing?. It is meant to give me quickly the informations I need, without ramblings, rumors or any gossipping. Just the next matches and the league standings'. And only about the teams I care about at the moment.

It is also a playground for improving my jQuery, HTML5 and Bootstrap skills. It uses the great Football Data API. I don’t plan it to make it much more featureful than it is, perhaps a search for a specific team at most. We will see. Feel free to fork and implement your own teams of course.

The repo is on Github. To see it in action go here. The tech stack used is:

  • Javascript and jQuery (frontend)
  • Football Data Api for the data
  • Bootstrap and CSS3 for styling