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Gianluca Fiore

Responsive Web Design Certification

I had promised more frequent updates on my FreeCodeCamp adventure and here it is the first objective reached: Responsive Web Design Certification. As you can see from the certificate I completed the first part of the course yesterday. That is roughly 300 hours of coursework but it feels like 3000 …

Gianluca Fiore

Freecodecamp: There and Back Again

Well, first of all, sorry for not updating about my progresses on Frontend development through Freecodecamp curriculum but there were basically none since last May. Why? Work got in the way, with a larger role and more duties taking over little by little the energy I had to focus on …

Gianluca Fiore


I've ever been surprised, even amused, by the show of affection friends show in myself. Caring about myself has never been a high priority for me, I admit, so I emotionally recoil whenever an external being cares about my wellbeing more than me. I cannot comprehend it, on an emotional …

Gianluca Fiore

What Nobody Tells You About Shaving With A Straight Razor

Most people shave with something like this

Gillette Razor

The number of blades may vary.

Or perhaps, if more inclined to use of modern technologies, with this

Electrical Razor

Maybe, it's becoming rarer and rarer these days, you are old-fashioned or have found it in your grandfather's closet so you shave with this

Safety Razor

A …

Gianluca Fiore

Back To Naples

Last month I went back to my hometown, Naples, for New Year's Eve. Meeting with family and showing the city to girlfriend. A very enjoyable week, I have to say, fun, drinks, good food, visiting as a tourist your old home and rejoining with 2 lovely cats at home :)


The …

Gianluca Fiore

First Months In Poland

Poland Flag

As you may, or probably may not, know, I've moved to Poland last April. Don't bother asking why as I'm still looking for an answer to. There are a few good reasons, which I'm sure the male readers will have already come up with, but it was mostly an instinctive …