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Gianluca Fiore

Things I Know as of 2018

It honestly came as a surprise a post on Overreacted by Dan Abramov. He lists all the things he doesn't know as of 2018, in an attempt to "devalue" in the eyes of newbies any experienced developer by showing off the gaps in knowledge that usually we take for granted …

Gianluca Fiore

Responsive Web Design Certification

I had promised more frequent updates on my FreeCodeCamp adventure and here it is the first objective reached: Responsive Web Design Certification. As you can see from the certificate I completed the first part of the course yesterday. That is roughly 300 hours of coursework but it feels like 3000 …

Gianluca Fiore

Freecodecamp: There and Back Again

Well, first of all, sorry for not updating about my progresses on Frontend development through Freecodecamp curriculum but there were basically none since last May. Why? Work got in the way, with a larger role and more duties taking over little by little the energy I had to focus on …

Gianluca Fiore


Frontend development was never my area. I've always been more of a Backend/System Administrator. I've never truly grokked the idea of events, DOM, making requests elsewhere and things running outside my machine, without me giving precise instruction when to run and what arguments to accept.

Yet it's 2018 and …