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Gianluca Fiore

Programming Isn't Easy

Pair Programming

I was reading, as usual, Scott Hanselman's blog and couldn't agree more on his complaining on the recent WWDC keynote asserting that programming is easy. From his post:

When we tell folks - kids or otherwise - that programming is easy, what will they think when it gets difficult? And it will …

Gianluca Fiore

Classic Cocktails Cheat Sheet

A few days ago I've become the maintainer, and main contributor, of this DuckDuckGo's Instant answer. It has been deployed on only so far, as it is clearly just a beta.

Classic Cocktails IA screenshot

My passion for cocktails and carefully mixed drinks is no mistery and thus it was only …

Gianluca Fiore

What Nobody Tells You About Shaving With A Straight Razor

Most people shave with something like this

Gillette Razor

The number of blades may vary.

Or perhaps, if more inclined to use of modern technologies, with this

Electrical Razor

Maybe, it's becoming rarer and rarer these days, you are old-fashioned or have found it in your grandfather's closet so you shave with this

Safety Razor

A …

Gianluca Fiore

Back To Naples

Last month I went back to my hometown, Naples, for New Year's Eve. Meeting with family and showing the city to girlfriend. A very enjoyable week, I have to say, fun, drinks, good food, visiting as a tourist your old home and rejoining with 2 lovely cats at home :)


The …

Gianluca Fiore


This goes into the "software I'm going to hack on" category. As the author says, terminalCV is

A command line CV for sysadmins

The due screenshot

To see it in action click on the new link on the sidebar, TerminalCV. Being a lover of all things CLI, I found terminalCV …

Gianluca Fiore

First Months In Poland

Poland Flag

As you may, or probably may not, know, I've moved to Poland last April. Don't bother asking why as I'm still looking for an answer to. There are a few good reasons, which I'm sure the male readers will have already come up with, but it was mostly an instinctive …

Gianluca Fiore

A Brief Guide To DuckDuckGo

Or why you should be using it even if you don't care about privacy or don't know what a search engine bubble may be.

DuckDuckGo  Logo

It's in no way comprehensive nor "the best of". Just what I find more useful.


  • days between today and 02/28/2013 = 16 days. Unfortunately …