HCA Florida

Published on 1 Mar 2022 10:54AM

Client: HCA Florida

Job: content authoring, technical writing, website designing

Overview: redesigning and refreshing content of the HCA Florida hospitals and doctors websites

Sample link: HCA Florida Healthcare

Audience: general public and patients

More info: the CMS is Sitecore. I was assigned a few mock-ups of the final pages and had to build the blocks of each page, as widgets, into the Sitecore system. Content was provided in form of images, links to videos, and plain text. My role was largely one of formatting text according to the mock-ups, fitting the images, testing the final pages, and think of SEO changes to be made before the final publishing of the website. A spanish translation was also underway but I was not involved. The most difficult part of the project was in editing and adapting the content to the widgets in Sitecore; often the text was a “wishlist” of what should appear on a given place on the page but it didn’t quite fit, conceptually and typographically. I spent a long time revising these parts and coming up with modifications that would suit better the overall design.