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Gianluca Fiore


Frontend development was never my area. I've always been more of a Backend/System Administrator. I've never truly grokked the idea of events, DOM, making requests elsewhere and things running outside my machine, without me giving precise instruction when to run and what arguments to accept.

Yet it's 2018 and …

Gianluca Fiore

On my Atheism

For many years I've been identified as an atheist. I say "I've been" as in "most people think of me as such". I find this odd and a result of centuries of stratifying of Christian values and Church teachings over the minds of every european, believer or non-believer.

This is …

Gianluca Fiore

Paper Sounds

A handful of weeks ago I co-founded a new project: Paper Sounds. The idea and name aren't mine but of the lovely @BeSyen. I always wondered about having a blog where to write about music or social issues I care about and Paper Sounds looked like a simple way to …

Gianluca Fiore

Fidel Castro (1926-2016)

It was a shock to hear about Fidel Castro's death this morning. Not because it was unexpected, 90 years old and with a deadly cancer, but because he over time had become the Lemmy Kilmister of international politic: always true to himself and his values, dressing nearly in the same …