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A handful of weeks ago I co-founded a new project: Paper Sounds. The idea and name aren't mine but of the lovely @BeSyen. I always wondered about having a blog where to write about music or social issues I care about and Paper Sounds looked like a simple way to try. Just for fun right now but who knows. Mainly it is about music, society and culture, from an emotional/deep point of view; even personal, I'd say. I am going to focus on the music part of it as it is the part I longed the most to write about for quite a few years.

Currently it is using Tumblr as backend. Eventually, and ideally, it will grow enough to warrant a proper website, with its own features. As of now we didn't see the need for one and Tumblr provides a lot of functionalities for the interactive aspect of a website that we postponed any technical undertaking to when it will have enough collaborators.

Speaking of which, at the moment I'm writing this, Paper Sounds hasn't enough content so if you are willing to spend a few minutes of your life, even once in a while, feel free to contact me through any social you see on the sidebar of this site and I'll more than gladly write you back.

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