Fountain Pen Creator

Published on 6 Oct 2020 12:54PM / 571 words

It’s easy to see how this blog has been neglected for a long time. My fault, obviously. Also my choice.

Point being, I’ve been barely thinking and working with my coding projects since about a year. Why? I got disillusioned. I lost interest in modern coding practices.

Let me be clear: I do like coding and I will be coding in my spare time, occasionally, forever, probably. I am going to use my coding knowledge in my future career(s) as an advantage point and to automate my work. Coding isn’t going to disappear from my life.

But as a full time job for years? I couldn’t do it anymore. I will perhaps talk about the actual reasons why I am not working as a DevOps or a programmer anymore nor I plan to in another article. And I have to stress here the “perhaps” because this blog has very low priority right now. That’s because of the title of this article, which is my new highest priority activity these days.

Enter Fountain Pen Creator. About why this name, I’ve written on it elsewhere. Feel free to go there, read it and come back here later. If you don’t care about the name and just asking why the fxxk somebody would leave being a programmer in 2020, keep reading.

Fountain Pen Creator is a sort of nickname for my new adventure, which is being a content writer. Marketing copywriter, ghostwriter and what not are all names for what I do these days but the easier definition is this: I write for a living. About coffee, mainly, drinks, traveling and occasionally as a technical writer. Obviously the technical background I have plays a role in what I do now too.

You can check everything I do (and did so far) at my new website. Content writing was always a secondary passion I had since childhood, first as genre writing (I wrote some fantasy short stories and played with creating a full alternative world to our own). Then I put it aside and became a programmer, system administrator and later DevOps. That obviously took a lot of time off my day, for over a decade, and thus writing was pushed away to a later epoch of my life.

Which is now. First as a blogger (PaperSounds), then as a toy project that evolved into a serious one (NespressoGuide), and now as a profession (Fountain Pen Creator). All these are part of the content writer of what I am now. The decision came in the last 3-4 years, after I started working in customer service and SEO consulting, and after I have occasionally worked for a content writing agency as a contractor (thanks folks for having me!). I kept doing programming work throughout these last years, but working in different industries showed me that: 1) I could do well something else too and 2) I actually enjoyed something else more than coding.

Which over time brought me to move from an industry to another. Many reasons more than the two mentioned were involved, most of them personal and totally not related to what the jobs required or the culture at work. Again, I might be writing in more detail about this later but don’t hold your breath. I am not either.

End of the story, Gianluca Fiore is now Gianluca Fiore, The Fountain Pen Creator. It’s gonna be a super-wild ride, of that I’m sure.