Flying is terrible

Why flying is the worst transportation system we can't do without


See Bali once...and no more

On Pelé

On the death of O Rei

Most Meetings Are Useless

On the joy, or lack thereof, of Agile

Pulse 15 update after one year

One year later, an update on the choice of the Pulse 15 as my main laptop

Pulse 15 Review

The Linux laptop for mainstream use? Let's see in my review of the Tuxedocomputers Pulse 15 laptop

Fountain Pen Creator

What I have been doing so far and what's Fountain Pen Creator

Things I Know as of 2018

What do I really know as of 2018?

Freecodecamp: There and Back Again

Resuming Freecodecamp Frontend courses


A reflection on the appreciation received by friends


First impressions on the Freecodecamp course

Programming Isn't Easy

A few misconceptions on Programming and what really takes to be a programmer

Classic Cocktails Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet of classic cocktails I made

Back To Naples

Some thoughts on returning to my hometown after many months

A Brief Guide To DuckDuckGo

A short and opinionated guide on using the powers of DuckDuckGo