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Gianluca Fiore

On my Atheism

For many years I've been identified as an atheist. I say "I've been" as in "most people think of me as such". I find this odd and a result of centuries of stratifying of Christian values and Church teachings over the minds of every european, believer or non-believer.

This is …

Gianluca Fiore

Paper Sounds

A handful of weeks ago I co-founded a new project: Paper Sounds. The idea and name aren't mine but of the lovely @BeSyen. I always wondered about having a blog where to write about music or social issues I care about and Paper Sounds looked like a simple way to …

Gianluca Fiore

Fidel Castro (1926-2016)

It was a shock to hear about Fidel Castro's death this morning. Not because it was unexpected, 90 years old and with a deadly cancer, but because he over time had become the Lemmy Kilmister of international politic: always true to himself and his values, dressing nearly in the same …

Gianluca Fiore

Programming Isn't Easy

Pair Programming

I was reading, as usual, Scott Hanselman's blog and couldn't agree more on his complaining on the recent WWDC keynote asserting that programming is easy. From his post:

When we tell folks - kids or otherwise - that programming is easy, what will they think when it gets difficult? And it will …